Whitehills Neighborhood Association

of East Lansing, Michigan
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  Committee Info
  Neighborhood Watch   Theodore Benca
      Liaison to East Lansing Police.
  Landscaping   Kevin Sayers
      Manages landscaping maintenance at entrances.
  Welcome Committee   Mary Ann Johnson  and Jamie Lynn Mansberger
      Committee welcomes our new neighbors to the neighborhood and introduces them to the neighborhood association.
  Covenants Committee   Mike Perry  and Meri Anne Stowe
      Review and approve property improvments consistent with the 12 neighborhood convenants.
  Social Committee   Robyn Hughey
      Leads the planning and organization of neighborhood events.
  Halloween Parade   Jamie Lynn Mansberger
      Plans and organizes the annual parade including police escort and treats.
  E-Newsletter & Photogrpaphy   Robyn Hughey
Publishes newsletter, emails and social media content.
  Mayor's Council   Theodore Benca
      Serves as WNA board liaison to the Mayor's Council of Neighborhood Presidents.
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